Cookery lesson in Bexhill On Sea, Sussex

Morning Ally

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed the lessons and your company. Bearing in mind that only a few short weeks ago I couldn't boil water let alone an egg. I would not have imagined in a hundred years that I would be routinely cooking my family meals and have now prepared, cooked and presented meals for several sets of friends. As a matter of interest all of them have at least one good cook in the family and one of them is a successful professional cook who actually phoned the following day to congratulate me and another phoned and asked for the recipe! Over the years I have been lucky enough to eat in some of the worlds best restaurants and it is a unique experience to actually help produce comparable food in my own kitchen! This success story is fairly and squarely down to you my friend,  you are an exceptional chef and tutor. I look forward to our next meeting.   Thank you Ally, Martin

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